Frequently Asked Questions by Envato Customers

I received your product with a theme I bought. Do I still need to purchase a license?

Many companies partner with us and bundle our products with their theme. This means, you get our product for free. However to get automatic updates, instant support and other benefits from us at Brainstorm Force directly, it is required to get your own copy of the product.

I bought your product on Envato Marketplace. Is there a license that I can use on multiple websites?

Regretfully, Envato Marketplace (parent company of CodeCanyon / ThemeForest) does not offer a license for multiple websites. Nonetheless, the cost for one license is really very reasonable as it provides you access to lifetime updates. We encourage you to purchase a new license for your new website project.

What does the Regular license provide?

  • One regular license provides access to lifetime updates and support for 6 months by default.
  • It is valid for one website. If you’re making a new website, you will need to purchase a new license
  • Should you wish you renew the support, you can easily do that for a small fees. More details here.

What is Extended License?

Extended License gives permission to use the plugin in one product like SaaS, where you install zip, and a lot of users use it, and you can charge them for that “feature”, but users don’t have access to the source files.

Example – You’ve developed a blogging platform (may be like using WordPress Multisite Network where users don’t have access to the code. If you want to offer functionality of our plugin to your users, Extended License is required. Whereas Regular License is OK when you install the plugin and use it once for yourself or your client.

I have a staging cloned website. Where should I activate the license?

You should activate the license where you wish to receive the automatic updates. So it really depends on your workflow, but we have seen most of our uses activating it on staging website as it allows them test updates on this website first before pushing it live.